Shiraz Hemani - CEO


Jan Siemaszko - Creative Director


Nathan Nadeau - Lead Developer


Ben Goldsbury - CTO

SPIRE Business Services


Spire Business Services was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide top notch Business Development Consulting services for the SMB marketplace.  In October of 2013, Spire released powderDesk™, a lightweight ITSM ticketing application designed from Agile software development concepts.  More recently, Spire has expanded its offerings to include Usability Testing, ITSM Consulting and, Scrum Coaching.  


At Spire Business Services, we take a uniquely principled approach that focuses on:


  • Creating products with beautiful, user friendly interfaces
  • Keeping a small team in place to adhere to the highest levels of efficiency
  • Following an end point approach to product design that puts the experience of the user above all else
  • Utilization of the most cutting edge open source development languages to ensure the highest level of functionality.
  • Operating within the principles of Agile to ensure concise product focus as market needs adjust.


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Shiraz Hemani - CEO


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