We're fast approaching the release of powderDesk and some exciting things are on the horizon.  Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that powderDesk meets the needs of our initial customer base and to bolster that plan, we'll be launching our Early Adopter Program soon.  

Our Early Adopter Program is being offered to a select few organizations that have already expressed interest with us.  We do still have a few openings, however, so if your team is interested in utilizing powderDesk for no cost in return for pointed feedback about the application please lets us know through our contact us page.

We'd also like to extend a special offer for organizations that join us in the coming weeks and months.  In lieu of our standard pricing, we will honor the "renewal" rate of your existing help desk application if you convert to powderDesk.  This means that you won't incur any additional costs for using PowderDesk and on top of that you'll be able to utilize a powerful application written with your specific needs in mind.  

PowderDesk is written with the most cutting edge technologies and languages and it comes to you from a team of dedicated professionals who have a commitment to their customers.  We don't have shareholders to worry about and we don't have multiple applications to code, so we can put 100% of our resources into making powderDesk a roaring success with your help!

Shiraz Hemani

CEO and Founder of SPIRE Business Services


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