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Decision makers everywhere are coming to the realization that service management tools aren't just for their IT Departments any longer.  The next wave of service management tools (powderDesk™ included) are being developed for more than just IT.  Thanks to new technologies in Web development and interface design, non-technical departments will be able to utilize these systems for their own unique needs.  We understand that when department managers have to interface with IT for every change and tweak, the process can grind to a halt and then user adoption is suddenly at risk.

One important aspect of successful agile service management is bringing modern policies on line.  Technology is more usable than ever before and the ability to produce and consume data is a part of every employee's daily routine.  Keep in mind, iOS and Android didn't exist 5 years ago so new policies need to be agile in nature to keep up with the pace of innovation.

When policies are flawed it leads to turf wars and a dip in efficiency across any organization.  You may be asking yourself, "what does good service management policy look like?".  It starts with settling on a specific set of priorities as an organization.  Perhaps you start by lowering the average response time for all requests.  From there, you can decrease over all ticket volume by providing a comprehensive and user-friendly knowledge base.  The exact priorities will differ from one organization to the next, but the software you use has to be flexible and serve as the perfect delivery vehicle.

Software developers in the service management industry are now being confronted with the problems presented by these realities.  It's no longer just about delivering a static list of ITIL features, you really have to understand at a granular level how your customers address service management.  In order to deliver a product that's agile enough to meet the needs of customers, the  development approach has to be consultative.  We know that we can help our customers by bringing our expertise in service management to the table.  With powderDesk, we embrace the opportunity to use agile development to our customers' benefit!

We will keep you posted through our Early Adopter phase so that you can see exactly how we combine cutting edge technology with effective management policy.  As always, let us know if you'd like to discuss the unique aspects of your organization with us!


Shiraz Hemani

CEO - Spire Business Services


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