We launched our initial outreach program just seven days ago and the feature ideas we've received from the customer base the past few days have been incredibly inspiring for us.  So inspiring that our executive team spent the entire weekend together to set up our next few Sprints for powderDesk.  Between our coding sessions, we completed our roadmap for our v1 release over some delicious eats at Tampa Bay area restaurants.


For those of you wondering what our core functions for v1 will be, here's what we have programmed so far into the powderDesk prototype. It's an ambitious list but with our Agile/Scrum methodologies we think it's do-able:

  • General ticketing available by a cutting edge Web interface and a through two way email-to-system integration.
  • LDAP/AD Integration for population and login authentication of user/technician accounts.
  • Repository for hardware assets and other equipment,

  • Relationship capacity between tickets and assets so that techs can identify recurring issues from any devices.
  • On-Premise installers will provide a virtual appliance pre-configured with our preferred OS and DB for your infrastructure, in addition to the app.
  • A customer facing API 

We have a number of other features that we'll keep you posted on moving forward and keep an eye out this week for some video presentations of the Client UI and general functionality.  As always, feel free to contact us if you have any questions or ideas for powderDesk moving forward!

Shiraz Hemani

CEO of SPIRE Business Services


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