Organizations often grapple with how best to deploy effective problem solving measures. A growing Service Management trend centers around an idea that problem solving is most effective when it's focused on collecting accurate data and empowering staff to make the most appropriate decision based on the given variables.  

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The idea has proven incredibly effective in Department of Defense applications.  Some of the most cutting edge weapons platforms in the US arsenal are designed to gather and collect massive amounts of data, interpret what is being received, and, present recommendations to the operator.  The training the operator receives is designed to build precise decision making skills.  This results in planes that largely fly themselves and pilots that are experts in managing all the systems on board and providing the most effective possible commands to the platform to achieve the mission directive.

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The automobile industry has also picked up on this trend which is why we have things like; automated headlights and windshield wipers, blind spot radar systems, backup cameras, and hands free calling and voice activated entertainment systems.  The idea is that the driver is most effective at the role of driving when they can dedicate as much attention to that role as possible.

The idea is gaining traction in Service Management as well because there's a need to empower ticket responders in the same fashion.  We are designing powderDesk™ with this idea in mind. With powderDesk you have a platform for submitters that's intuitive and easy to use.  Our design creates an environment where submitters can provide any data a Service Manager might require.  With the right training and policies acting on that data, responders are placed in the perfect position.

As we discuss this idea with department heads everywhere (and they realize there's a light at the end of the tunnel) we see eyes brighten up and we hear the excitement in their voices.  We're looking forward to our official release, which is fast approaching, and we know that powderDesk perfectly embodies the latest and greatest ideas in Service Management.


Shiraz Hemani

CEO - Spire Business Services

photo credit: jurvetson, Audi USA via photopin cc


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