One thing that sets Spire Business Services apart from the pack is our dedication to relationship building.  Early in my career a mentor of mine imparted to me just how important relationship building can be.  Not only is it a great way to accrue new customers, it's a great way to set up new opportunities for years to come.  As a result of nearly a decade's worth of effective relationship building, Spire is now poised to change the Service Management industry.

Relationship building almost always encourages versatility and empowers thoughtful communications. By supporting the idea that two heads work better than one, you give the people in your circle a wonderful opportunity for promoting innovation. This idea can  certainly apply to personal relationships as well but from my point of view, the best business relationships have always come from:

  1. Knowing what you need
  2. Knowing what you can provide
  3. Sharing your goals with the right individuals
  4. Keeping people updated when you have news to share
  5. Being thankful whenever you receive support in achieving your goals
  6. Never giving up on a relationship - it may be a decade before it pans out but every interaction is critical.

Relationship building doesn't always lead to an immediate benefit for one or both parties and often it requires a long term commitment from everyone involved but the benefits and rewards are always worth the time you put in.  Everything we've been able to accomplish at Spire Business Services has been a direct result of effective relationship building.  We bring all of this experience into our development of powderDesk, using it as a vehicle to build new relationships and to honor our existing connections.  Building the right type of relationships ensures that our user base remains invested in our success as much as we are invested in their use of our technology to solve their Service Management related problems.  

Every successful relationship you build is another advocate in your corner but you can't forget that it goes both ways.  You can only get out what you put in is the difference between simply building a customer list and spending the time and energy it takes to support lasting relationships.  We're excited that powderDesk gives us the ability to solve real world problems with powerful technology but more than that, it provides us with the opportunity to innovate and build great new relationships! 

If you would like to begin a new relationship or continue an existing one with us, please sign up at or follow us on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn, or Google+

Shiraz Hemani

CEO of Spire Business Services


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