The Early Adopter phase for powderDesk has been a huge success so far.  We now have a few dozen organizations actively testing powderDesk and sending along their feedback and feature ideas to us.  Our virtual appliance is also just about ready for our Early Adopters to begin using locally on their own networks.  We are just ironing out a few elements of the update path so that users can quickly and easily update a local install of powderDesk with the latest features and fixes.  

As the next step in that process we will set up dedicated testing environments on our cloud for each Early Adopter so that they can begin populating and testing with their own real world data.  When the update path for the virtual appliance is good to go, we can actually clone each instance individually (along with all settings and data) into a copy of our virtual appliance which our Early Adopters can then deploy locally and continue using powderDesk without missing a beat.  


Next week we will have an update with steps on how you can get a dedicated cloud account if you're interested.  Also, keep your eyes peeled for v2 of the website which is set to go live in early August!

Shiraz Hemani

CEO of Spire Business Services



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