As a smaller company with a tightly knit team, we always want to be sure that that we're getting the most out of every development cycle.  People often ask me why we chose to institute Scrum here at Spire and I always give them the honest answer, "because it works for us".  There are pros and cons to any development structure but given our specific resources and product vision, Scrum is definitely the best method for our organization.


Scrum works for us because it was designed around frequent inspection and adaptation.  Each member of the team here has experience in Operations to one degree or another so we understand better than most that no matter how perfect a plan you come up with, unexpected items will always surface.  The only way to make sure that unexpected items don't de-rail your broader vision is to frequently inspect and and adapt.  Scrum keeps us honest and accountable to ourselves and our user base.  It keeps us from losing focus.  It keeps us looking forward.  Most importantly, it keeps us asking "is this the best way we can do this?".  As a result, we spend the right amount of time doing the right types of things.

One of the things that has always intrigued me about Scrum is that it can actually be used in other areas of managing a Lean/Agile software shop, not just in product development.  For example, Scrum is inherently capable of resolving interpersonal conflicts (Human Resources) because it promotes conflict resolution at its very core.  It has Marketing applications as well, because it stresses getting the maximum result from any applied resources.  It can even factor into your growth model as it keeps you from over-hiring yet ensures that you keep your vision reasonable for the resources you've applied to it.

Of course, not every organization is in a position to utilize the Scrum method throughout each layer of their operation.  We're uniquely positioned to take full advantage, though, and it's one of the reasons we get enjoyment out of what we do.  The feedback we get back from our user base is that our philosophy is greatly appreciated and really shines through powderDesk.

Scrum also rolls right into our customized ITSM Consulting Services moving forward.  We believe that the best Service Management operations are a perfect marriage of the right technology and the right policies.  If your organization is interested in investigating more efficient and productive Service Management policies, we can help.  With our unique understanding of both ends, we're positioned to empower every one of our users.


Shiraz Hemani

Founder and CEO


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