What we do 

A critical component for success involves creating a firm set of goals and a plan to achieve them.  At Spire, we help you cut through the noise so you can focus on formulating the best plans for your team.  We can identify problem areas and assist you with implementing solutions thanks to our expertise in Business Development, Scrum Coaching and, software integration.  Below, you will find a brief breakdown of our main areas of focus.


Scrum Coaching

We can show you how to squeeze the highest level of productivity out of this rigid, but effective, development framework.  If you’ve already implemented SCRUM are you sure you are getting the most out of it?  If you have not already implemented SCRUM we can get you started on the right path.    


Do you experience issues like poor retention, low customer satisfaction, or high bounce rates with your website?  We can help you identify the reasons and provide you with solutions – quickly!  We get your users to show you how they browse your website or use your application. You will always be surprised by the insights they can provide.  We take you beyond analytics and show you the actual human experience behind the data.


Looking for a lighter and friendlier approach to Service Management?  With powderDesk, we offer you a Web based platform to accommodate your ticket tracking needs. Delivered both in the cloud and on-premise, powderDesk provides the flexibility you need.


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